Monday, January 29, 2007

24 - Web 2.0 awards

I went to the "short list" of winners - just to cut down on the number of sites I had to choose from! I chose to check out Newsvine - a "peer news production" site. I took the 60 second tour and discovered that Newsvine has "digg-like" qualities. You can vote a news story up or down to indicate how important you feel the story is (digg allows you to do that to websites) and then see what other Newsvine users feel are the most important stories of the day. Commenting and conversation are also encouraged by the Newsvine setup. That gives you even more information on how people feel about the various stories that are submitted. I can see that a determined group of activists could "game" this system into presenting stories that are one-sided, but - like Wikipedia - I would hope that there are enough users to prevent any one group from taking over the service like that!

Robin Hastings

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