Monday, January 22, 2007

22 - online applications

I have to say that I am a HUGE fan of the online office applications. Michael Howard and I were collaborating on a bit of writing for the River Journal the other day and, despite the fact that we sit 2 feet from one another, we both had the document open on our computers and were making changes to the document while discussing it. That is efficient collaboration! The blog post about this week's lesson has a lot of cool uses for this kind of thing, be sure to read it carefully! One of the coolest (in my opinion) is the multitude of file formats you can save in. To create a PDF using MS Word, you have to buy the Acrobat program ($200+ dollars) and install it. To create a PDF in Docs & Spreadsheets, you just go to File --> Save As PDF and it's done.
Finally, before I go (and according to File --> Count Words I'm just at 153 words, so I'm ready to stop typing...), this application allows you to create spreadsheets that are fully compatible with Excel and can be saved in PDF format as well. That's just cool!!

Update: My title for my document didn't come through!! That could be an issue at times, but this time I just edited this post and added it...

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