Tuesday, January 02, 2007

13. Flickr

I've been using Flickr for a while now, it's a great way to store my pictures and give others a chance to view them! What I really like about Flickr, though, is the ability to create a community around photos. Each image can be commented on by any other Flickr user - it's really a great way to meet new folks who may be interested in the same things you are and to share bits and pieces of your life with your friends and family!
I posted a selection of photos from my recent vacation in Florida to Flickr as soon as I got back. The one that sums up my experience the most is the one of the alligator checking out our boat in the Everglades! There are a couple of different ways to upload pics to a blog, but the way I used was to go to the "all sizes" button on the top of the photo's page, pick the medium size, then use the image's URL to enter into the photo upload tool at blogger. There are easier ways to do it - trust me - but this one works in a pinch!!

Robin Hastings

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