Monday, January 22, 2007

23 - Google Labs

I've been hearing amazing things about the new Google RSS reader (similar to the Bloglines application that we've introduced you all to and that I use right now), so I decided to give it a try. After importing my feeds, I clicked around and I think I may like it a lot. One of the big benefits is the same as Gmail - no folders, just tags (though Google Reader calls them folders, but they act like tags - just like the labels in Gmail). This way I can put a librarian blog that is written by a friend (such as Librarian By Day) into both my library blogs folder and my friends folder. That rocks!!
The other tool I decided to write about is the Google Notebook tool. That puts a little notebook on your browser's extension bar (if you are using a good browser - ie. Firefox) and lets you add selected text to a note page in the notebook application. Now, if only they would link up the Notebook and Google Docs & Spreadsheets so I can import my notes into a Google Doc, I'd be in heaven!

Robin Hastings

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