Wednesday, November 29, 2006


For those of you who may be wondering how to figure out if you have 150 words in a given post, I've got a tip. On the top left corner of your Gmail account screen (where you read your email), there is a link to "Docs & Spreadsheets". We'll be playing with these later in the lesson, but if you want to write your blog posts in this tool, follow along with the instructions below.

1. Click on the "Docs & Spreadsheets" link
2. Click on the "New Document" link at the upper left
3. Start typing out your blog post

You can check your word count by clicking on the "file" menu at the top left of your page. The second to the last menu item is "Count Words". The pop-up box that appears will tell you your word count for that document.
You can also post directly to your blog from this interface.
1. Click on the "Publish" tab at the top right of your screen (while editing a document)
2. Click to set up a blog to post too.
3. Choose "Blogger (beta)" from the drop down list at the top and enter your gmail account address (including the and password.
4. Enter the title of your blog (mine is RobinsBlog, Bobbi's is Bobbi Blogs, etc.)
5. Choose to use the title of the document as the title of your post.
6. Click the "Test" button to make sure you can post (you should get a confirmation message that says you can begin posting) - if you have problems, let me know!!
7. Click on the "Edit" link at the left to get back to your document

This is pretty advanced stuff - if you don't feel like doing it, don't stress, but if you are looking for a challenge... have fun with it!!


Bobbi said...

Great tip Robin! Of course I've been doing it the old fashion way - writing it in Word and using the word count option, then copy and paste! :)

Nikki B said...

Ummmm...I'm just estimating and figuring that its probably about right. I mean surely you won't repremend us if there's like 147 words right??

Robin said...

No, I won't - can't speak for Betty, though... I'm just doing it for the first few posts so that I have a general idea for how much space 150 words takes up on my blog - then I'll go back to creating on blogger. Of course, Google Docs has a better spell check than blogger does, so maybe I won't...