Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lesson 10: Tagging

Can you see the potential of this tool for research assistance? Or just as an easy way to create bookmarks that can be accessed from anywhere?

Again, I can definitely see the potential for to be useful for reference work - since I set up the original MRRL account for us to use in managing the reference staff's bookmarks. If you go to our Reference Links page ( you can see the tags that I've used to categorize the reference links listed. Click on the tag and see the reference links for that "category". All of these links are actually managed by the tool! One of the benefits of this is that, as reference staff become familiar with (from this set of lessons, perhaps?), they can add new links to those pages just by adding a link to MRRL's account (contact me for username/password information if you are in the reference department and this sounds like fun to you). One of the great advantages of using the service is that you can put a button on your browser's toolbar to post new sites to your account with a single click. That's helpful for reference staff or for anyone who may want to keep track of all of their bookmarks on more than one computer (personal desk computer, service desk computer, home computer) without having to manually move bookmarks or favorites around!
Robin Hastings

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