Monday, December 11, 2006

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While we were setting up this program, I didn't have a chance to really absorb all of the information in the links we were finding for you all. This means, of course, that I had the chance to be wowed by the 12 minute movie that we linked to because I was able to sit and listen to/watch it and really concentrate on what she was saying this time. She had some great ideas for using as a reading list. I tend to stick stuff that I don't have time to read right now in there quite often! I used to blog about them, but that takes almost as much time as reading the article/web site/news story does. Now, with the addition of the bookmark (or - for those of you using Firefox, the plugin), I can quickly add stuff to my reading list! Another use I came up with this year was as a Christmas list holder. I have tagged stuff I want for Christmas with a "christmasgiftwish" tag and anyone who is interested in knowing what I want for Christmas can take a look at it.
I created an account with (name of rhastings - feel free to add me to your network if you have an account yourself) and find it to be INCREDIBLY useful - especially with the browser buttons and links that they provide. This doesn't even take into account the benefits that putting our (MRRL's) reference links in (user name mrrl) has created!

Update: I'm a dork, I just realized I posted twice for this lesson, but I wanted to keep both posts, up, so I'm just going to advertise my dorkiness to everyone... Enjoy both posts!!
Robin Hastings

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