Monday, February 05, 2007

26. Podcasts

Create a blog post about your discovery process. Did you find anything useful here?

Using the Yahoo! podcast search and the search term of "library", (after I had looked for "books" and found pretty much nothing in the first few pages that interested me - lots of comic book podcasts, though!), I found LibVox, a roundup of library news and a link to the OPAL podcasts. I read the LISNews RSS feed pretty much every day for a comprehensive check of the days news about libraries (and I've added it to our staffweb's collection of feeds on the staff web site), but this would be a nice way to catch up on the news while driving to and from work or while doing other things at my desk. The OPAL podcasts were something I'd run across before and not signed up for, but should have. OPAL is a learning initiative from a collective of libraries in Ohio. They offer a lot of great classes as well as quite a few book discussions and interviews.

I currently use iTunes to manage the few podcasts I listen to - namely Science Friday from NPR and Al Franken's show that airs on Air America. I'm pretty bad at taking in information by just listening to it - I'm a VERY visual learner, so podcasts are interesting, but not my favorite way of learning new things... But that's me and others may find podcasts to be the perfect way to help alleviate the information overload that can easily happen when you start discovering way more RSS feeds than you have time to read!
Robin Hastings

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